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Custom software for small business

Custom software for businesses provides tailored solutions, addressing specific operational challenges and enhancing efficiency by streamlining processes and adapting to unique requirements.


SEO Tools

Our built in SEO tools are essential instruments in the digital marketer’s toolkit, enabling you to optimize your website and content for better search engine rankings. By leveraging these powerful SEO tools, professionals can gain valuable insights into their website’s performance, identify areas for improvement, and implement data-driven strategies to enhance their online visibility, drive organic traffic, and ultimately achieve higher search engine rankings, contributing to the success of their online presence.

CRM Ultimate Marketing


Capture leads using our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone system & more!


Automatically message leads via voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, FB Messenger & more!


Use our built in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics!

Email Marketing Suite

Select a professional template and create your email campaigns quickly and easily with zero programming. Gather valuable customer feedback by creating targeted feedback campaigns about your product or service. Earn repeat business from past customers with our email marketing suite that has over 500+ HTML Email Marketing templates.

Food Pantry Pro

Pantry POS & CRM

Search donation by name, date, or items donated. Edit donations for those pesky times when an items is left out. Add donations quickly via a one page form. Search donors by name or phone. Quickly add items by searching from inventory that is already in the system.

Inventory Management

Easily track your inventory in real-time a using our advanced platform. Our inventory tracking system makes it simple to update and load in new products within minutes, so you\’ll spend more time selling and less time managing inventory.

Reports Made Simple

Our reports screen will quickly give you a snapshot of your business’ overall efficiency. We breakdown donations, inventory available, usage, and much more with easy to understand snapshots.