The research indicated that male and female L

The research indicated that male and female L | Innovative Technologies


macrolepis had negative allometric increases models. Although not, the new b value of the fresh new girls is actually less than regarding the male. The new b value of the male Yards. engeli shown a positive allometric increases pattern. Centered on these increases development studies, the study indicated that Meters. engeli develops much better than L. macrolepis, thereby demonstrating that M. engeli is much more flexible on the ecological standing out of Lambada Lhok seas. Additionally, the field observance into the hook structure of anglers demonstrated you to M. engeli was also predominant. The fresh new Fulton’s reputation factor presented hook difference between K really worth between your male and female both for types, in which the K really worth are more than 1. Centered on Morton and you can Routledge thirty six , a seafood population is within good condition in the event that K value exceeds step one ukraine date ücretsiz uygulama. The research indicated that this new K value of L. macrolepis ranged from.16 to just one.twenty two, and you will step one.03 to 1.09 to have M. engeli; therefore, each other populations have good condition, into the dead and you will wet-season, respectively. At exactly the same time, the newest cousin weight status foundation out-of one another species is nearly a hundred, indicating a balance between victim and predator 20 . Such abilities reveal that these waters promote a sufficient dining resource for these kinds. The latest cousin lbs position basis plus represents fish health conditions, stock rates, and management profile 23,thirty five,thirty six,38,39 . For this reason, the Lambada Lhok seas bring adequate eating offer to own mullets.

The outcomes also demonstrated variations in growth activities inside the deceased and you may moist 12 months, which the fresh fish became greatest into the lifeless year. New likely reasoning is the fact that the oceans are clear and you may good limitation rates off sun penetrates into waters, triggering the development out of phytoplankton and algae. Algae are a primary food item towards the mullets 40–43 . By comparison, turbidity and you can currents was in fact high inside the wet-season 49 , and you can and so presume in order to inhibit the growth off phytoplankton and you may algae as essential meal to have mullets 42,forty-five . A similar event is claimed because of the Chu et al. 30 , who found a terrible gains development when you look at the L. macrolepis from inside the Taiwan through the winter season, and a keen isometric growth development in the summertime and you can spring season. Moreover, Sandhya and you can Shameem 30 seen a bad gains development when you look at the L. macrolepis during the contaminated seas, compared to an isometric increases pattern when you look at the unpolluted oceans. not, an other looking for are said when you look at the five types of fish (Barbus intermedius, Clarias gariepinus, Labeo cylindricus, Oreochromis niloticus baringoensis and Protopterus aethiopicu) regarding the Lake Baringo, Kenya 46 where these kinds is growing really during the wet-season 46 . For this reason, they figured 12 months influenced somewhat into LWRs, but don’t impact the reputation foundation from fish 46 . An awful gains trend was also advertised inside the about three types of mullets (Parachelon grandisquamis, Neochelon falcipinnis and Mugil cephalus) on Sombreior River, Niger Delta, Nigeria 47 . According to Blackwell et al. 20 the latest Wr is right so you’re able to guess seafood health issues, inventory, and you can government degrees of fisheries tips.

According Muchlisin et al. twenty two , and suffering from environmentally friendly points, the development pattern from seafood is even influenced by fish decisions; such as for instance, new fish that were productive swimmer had a lowered b worth than those that have been passive swimmers forty eight–50 .

Dining table dos. The b well worth, coefficient out-of correlation and you may devotion, and reputation circumstances from Liza macrolepis dan Moolgarda engeli sampled out of pling season

An average relationship coefficients off L. macrolepis had been 0.93 and 0.89 in females and males, respectively, while Meters. engeli got a relationship coefficient from 0.89 for men and you may 0.93 for females. Generally, this new correlation coefficients from L. macrolepis and you will Yards. engeli are similar (above 75%), demonstrating a robust correlation anywhere between complete length and body pounds. The newest commitment coefficients from L. macrolepis was indeed 0.85 and you will 0.65 towards the male and female fish, correspondingly, for example whenever 65%–85% regarding complete variations would be informed me by the design, whenever you are Yards. engeli got a worth of 0.ninety and you will 0.94 for males and you can ladies, correspondingly, proving that 90%–94% regarding versions are informed me by model.