The government of the country the international school is related to ple, the French, German, and Japanese schools

The government of the country the international school is related to ple, the French, German, and Japanese schools | Innovative Technologies

The European Union fund the European schools, and these are free for the children of parents who work for a European agency or institute. Other children pay between 5,000 and 7,000 euros per year, however in case of limited availability, they have to give priority to the children from the ‘target group’.

Special needs schools

Under the ‘Inclusive Education’ (Passend Onderwijs) Act, as many children who require additional support as possible should be able to go to the regular school in their neighborhood. The school where you apply is responsible for providing a suitable learning place for your child. If needed, they can buy in the support of external, specialized SEN teachers. However, these are usually only available for a few hours per week. The experience and expertise schools have with children with special needs varies greatly.

If the support required turns out to be too intensive or specialized, children might be referred to a dedicated special needs school. Sometimes the pupils of the special needs school stay there for the whole primary school period, followed by a special needs secondary school; while other pupils transfer to a regular school after a few years of intensive support.

Higher education in the Netherlands

Since most employers ask for qualified employees, students are highly encouraged to obtain a diploma. After the above-mentioned types of secondary school, students can continue with many different types of higher education.

After VMBO, students may continue with MBO, to obtain a diploma with which they could become, for example, an assistant, childminder, secretary, security officer, office employee, hairdresser, or nurse.

The education that follows after HAVO is called HBO, which is University of Applied Sciences, and usually takes four years. At the HBO, students can obtain a bachelor’s degree. Students with an MBO diploma also have access to the HBO.

A lot of people working in business and trade are HBO graduates, and also for example, primary school teachers, architects, art directors, journalists, translators, midwifes, artists, pilots, and nurses with a management position.

Bachelor and masters programs

Some HBO institutes also offer a master’s program, for which you often need to have some relevant work experience. You can also do your bachelor’s at HBO, followed by a master’s at university. With your certificate of your first year of HBO (propedeuse), you may also continue your education at university.

Most university studies take four years too, with some years added for possible specializations. University (WO) graduates could, among other professions, become lawyers, psychologists, doctors, surgeons, researchers, notaries, professors, engineers, or scientists.

Higher education is state-funded and students pay a bit over 2,000 euros per year for university and HBO, of which first-year students pay half. One of the measurements the government has taken to diminish the national teacher shortage is that students who train to become a teacher pay half of the study fees during the first two years of study. Students might also qualify for a study grant, based on their performances and parents’ income.

More and more university HBO and MBO escort babylon Rochester MN studies are available in English. From age 21 you can do a colloquium d for people who don’t have the right (VWO or HBO) diploma to go to university, however can prove they are at the right academic level. Many universities also offer part-time study programs that students can combine with their job, or other commitments. Read our guide to Dutch universities for more information.

Examinations in the Netherlands

As previously mentioned, all primary schools have to take the end test of primary school, however the schools may decide which of the government-approved tests they choose.