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Text Message Your Marketing Campaigns to your customers! Our easy-to-use software platform allows you send out hundreds or thousands of text messages to your customers within minutes.

Learn How Innovative Technologies Can Help Your Business!

  • Random Select Winner: If you’ve set up a Text 2 Win campaign you can use this feature to randomly select a number of subscribers from your contacts to deem as winners and send a winning text message to them!
  • Text 2 Vote: Set up a voting campaign where subscribers can text in to cast a vote! Our support staff can help you set this up!
  • Text 4 Info: Text 4 Info is a limited account option where opt-ins will only receive the auto-responder message but not be opted in to receive future sms messages.


Our software has many features that include the following:

  • Auto Responder: When a customer opts-in to your campaign, they will instantly be sent back an auto-reply message. This auto response can be changed at any time to include a welcome message, coupon or promotions.
  • Age Verification: This feature requires the contact to enter their birth date before they can opt-in to a keyword. Great for age-restricted products and services.
  • 2-Way Messaging: Respond directly to your customers one-on-one from your TXT180 inbox. Replies from a message sent to a group are not seen by anyone in the group, they come in as an individual message to your Inbox. See the entire message thread for that number in a user-friendly cell-phone-like interface.
  • Drip Messages: In addition to the default auto-responder sent on first opt-in, a series of drip messages can be scheduled to be sent at specified intervals from when the subscriber opted-in such as 5 days after initial opt-in.
  • Text Message Scheduler: Our unique scheduler allows you to schedule your campaigns to go out daily, weekly or monthly to save you time.
  • Text 2 Win: One of the quickest ways to gain opt-ins, text 2 win helps motivate customers to join your sms marketing campaign. Simply set up a campaign to entice customers to opt-in for a chance to win something.

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