Custom Website Programming

Your website can be more than just a digital billboard for your company. It can provide more information to your customers about their accounts or give your employees a way to keep records updated. Give us a call if you have needs for your website which are beyond the basic.

Learn How Innovative Technologies Can Help Your Business!

Custom web-based applications can be powerful and robust. Our team of dedicated developers will work with you to develop a strategy to design a custom web-based application that will solve your data problems. Innovative Technologies will also talk with you about reducing time to complete job tasks. Custom web-based applications feature:

  • The application can be customized at any time.
  • Reduced time on tasks that may take hours. Now they take only minutes, or can be completely automated.
  • Information can be searched and returned more quickly and easily.
  • Critical information is safe and secure with daily backups.
  • Multiple users can access and share the same information in a secure environment.
  • Applications can make smart decisions because they are coded to react quickly.
  • We develop using open-source languages, so no code is proprietary.
  • New features can be plugged in at any time.

Example 1 – CRM Application

Customer information had previously been stored in a filing cabinet. Not only was this inefficient, but it was also less secure. This CRM (Customer Resource Manager) application took the paper files and converted them to digital. Digital files were now searchable through a custom web-based application. Typing in customer name, address, phone number, or account number allows the user to find a customer and their contact information. The application can also store which products or services they purchased.



Example 2 – Online Enrollment Application

A client needed a way to easily enroll employees into their insurance program. Before, this was paper-based. The amount of data that needed to be gathered and passed along to the insurance company was staggering. Enter Innovative Technologies. We talked with the customer and provided a custom web-based application as a solution to the problem. Now, employees can enter their information and choose their insurance options quickly and easily through an online interface. When it comes time to re-enroll, their past information can be easily checked and edited. The company saves time by sending the employee information electronically to the insurance carrier. The application saved hundreds of man hours.



Example 3 – Property Management Application

This web application manages apartments units, allowing managers to see which units are available for rent. The application can also produce reports about current occupancy rates. In addition, the application also provides tenants the ability to pay their rent online and the managers to see which units have paid rent. This saves time for both the apartment managers and their tenants.